Mission Statement

The mission of the Henderson Police Department Tact Team is to support the Henderson Police Department and any other requesting law enforcement agency with a tactical response to critical incidents. Critical incidents include:
  • Barricade situations
  • Hostage situations
  • Personal protection of VIPs or suspects based on threat or potential threat to the well being of those persons
  • Sniper situations, with the arrest or apprehension where the suspects are likely armed or there is a likelihood of armed resistance
  • Special assignments approved by the Chief of Police or tact commander, based upon the level of threat or the need for a special expertise
  • Warrant service
The Henderson Police Department Tact Team is under direct supervision of Tact Commander Ben Bynum, who was recently promoted to that position. Prior, Commander Bynum was part of the TACT team for six years. 

A small group of officers within the department that have met higher physical and training standards makes up the TACT Team.