Property and Evidence

Property and Evidence 2

The maintenance, management and safekeeping of property and evidence taken in by the Henderson Police Department also falls within the Criminal Investigation Division.  Property that is collected as evidence, recovered from any source, or turned over as found property for safekeeping, is stored in the Property and Evidence Room. 



Items collected in connection with a crime. Evidence is retained until final disposition has been administered by the court (conviction, dismissal, etc) involving all parties charged in the case.  Evidence can only be released with a certified copy of a court order.  Status of a case can be determined by contacting the District or County Attorney’s office in which the charges were filed. 


Items taken and stored with the intent to return the property to its rightful owner.  For instance, if you have a medical emergency while riding your bicycle and have to be transported by ambulance to the hospital, officers will secure the bicycle in Property and Evidence under the heading of safekeeping.  In order to pick up your property, the officer must provide authorization of release.  


Items found or abandoned.  For items with no known owner, found/abandoned items may be disposed of after a designated time period.  Items found with a known owner such as credit cards, or driver’s license can be disposed of after a designated period if no inquiry is made.  If a last known address is located for the owner of the found property, a certified letter is sent for notification.