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Mission Statement

Henderson Animal Center’s mission is to provide temporary shelter and excellent care for stray, unwanted and homeless animals for the City. Each day we strive to:  

  • Promote responsible pet ownership,
  • Protect Citizens by housing public nuisance animals brought by local law enforcement, and
  • Prevent unnecessary euthanasia by diligently locating homes for every animal possible within our care. 

All activities shall be in compliance with State, Federal, and local laws and regulations; and duties shall be performed by a humane and professional staff.



Domestic animals housed at the Henderson Animal Protection Facility leave in one of following ways: 

  • Adoption
  • Returned to owner 
  • Transferred 

Wild animals are released within a safe habitat, or sent to a Certified Rehabilitator.


Information about animals adopted from the Center must be recorded on the computer record. This includes the date of adoption and the name, address and telephone number of the adopter. A copy of medical records, such as vaccinations or deworming, will be sent with the individual adopting or rescue.

Return to Owners

Owners claiming a stray animal as their own must provide Evidence of Ownership such as a bill of purchase, pictures that document ownership over time (i.e. puppy thru adult pictures), proof of rabies or licensing, and/or medical records. 

If an individual claims an animal after the Stray Hold date has elapsed, or they're lacking Evidence of Ownership, Henderson Animal Protection personnel can choose to adopt the animal pending an approved application and agreement to spay or neuter the animal.


When deemed necessary for medical, or behavioral reasons; domestic and wild animals may be euthanized. Critically ill, or seriously injured domestic animals may be euthanized prior to conclusion of the stray holding period to prevent any additional suffering by approval of the Animal Center Director.  


Depending on the condition of the animal and circumstances regarding rabies control, wild animals may be set free in a safe release area. 


Animals are released to rescue partners, if the receiving agency is approved by the Henderson Animal Center Department.

Animal Intake Procedure

The Henderson Animal Center Facility is open admission for animals within the City of Henderson, and accepts animals from within Rusk County for a fee. No animals from outside Rusk County are accepted by the facility. 

We evaluate each animal individually and make decisions regarding adoption, transfer, or foster based upon the animal and their ability to be safely re-homed. 

If the Center is at capacity, staff will obtain an individual’s contact information and call them back as soon as a spot becomes available. Donated food may be sent home if the individual is unable to provide for the animal. Our logs are maintained and updated on a daily basis.



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