Adopt an Animal!

We are CLOSED to the public, HOWEVER, we will still be trying to get the fur-babies in our care out to loving homes! 

Approved adoption application required! 

If you have a problem getting up here, and you live within the city limits of the city of Henderson, you might be eligible for the pet to be delivered to your house.

Since we are not having any contact with the public (for your safety and ours!), it does create difficulties in the process. We will not be allowing the public to interact with the animal before adoption, but we can answer any questions you have on the animals and send you pictures and videos. We believe we have found a way to make adoptions possible, so bear with us. It could change at any time and we will update when we do.

If interested in adopting one of our pets, please follow these instructions:

  1. Email the shelter: or call 903-657-7651.
  2. Explain which pet you are wanting to adopt.
  3. We will send you and adoption application via email. Fill application out and return it via email.
  4. After we review, we will notify you if you are approved for adoption and will need you to call the center if you have been approved.
  5. We will collect information to finalize the adoption process over phone.
  6. We will email you the adoption agreement for you to sign and email back.
  7. Once adoption process is completed, we will have you come to the center.
  8. The pet you have chosen will be in a pet taxi out front of the building upon your arrival. Call when you arrive, but PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE UNTIL WE HAVE PLACED THE PET IN THE CARRIER AND HAVE RETURNED TO BUILDING!
  9. The pet you are wanting to adopt will be in a kennel out front of the building with a leash, your adoption paper work, and some take home goodies.
  10. When staff has returned to the building, remove pet from kennel and place animal in your vehicle.

*Call us at 903-657-7651 if you have any questions (If it is before 10am or after 4pm, then please leave a message!)

We are still taking donations at this time via mail, Amazon Wish List online, or if you would like to leave items outside the building!

We appreciate the support from the public during this difficult time. Thank you to all of you who have kept these unwanted pets in mind!

We are only accepting emergency intakes. If you feel you qualify to surrender an animal, please give us a call between the hours of 10AM - 4PM. Please leave a message if necessary outside of those hours.

Contact Us

  1. Animal Center Director
    Charissa Pool

    Physical and Mailing Address:
    1201 Highland Dr.
    Henderson, TX 75652

    Ph: 903-657-7651

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