Economic Development Board


There are numerous volunteer boards, commissions, and committees, which assist the City Council and the community of Henderson. Below is a list of those with a list of current members serving on the Economic Development Board. The members of this board are appointed by the City Council based on recommendations by the mayor, City Council members, members of the public, and members of the boards themselves. Anyone interested in filling a vacancy on one of these boards, commissions, or committees should contact the Mayor, their City Council representative, or the City Secretary. Their name will be submitted when a vacancy occurs. Volunteerism can be very rewarding and Henderson is a good place to start. Your efforts will be appreciated.

All members serve three year terms.

Current board members are: 
Johnny Foster - Treasurer
William Garmon III - President
Ray Mitchell - Vice President
Joe Sorrells - Secretary
Noble Welch
For information on when the Economic Development Board meets, please contact City Hall at (903) 657-6551 or by email