Community Development

Long hallway with glass windows

The Community Development Department is responsible for the overall administration and execution of all building inspections and permits, planning and zoning activities, subdivision development and Board of Adjustments.  

The City of Henderson requires any contractor needing a permit to complete a Contractor Registration Form before submitting a permit application. 

Building and Inspection Services Division

The Building and Inspection Services Division provides a wide range of services including:

  • Enforcement of City-adopted building codes
  • Review of construction documents, including building plans for code compliance
  • Building permit and contractor license issuance
  • Inspections for electrical, plumbing, structural, and mechanical trades
  • Certificate of Occupancy issuance
  • Administration of General Business License Program
  • Administration of federally funded Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program
  • Administration of the City’s Sign Ordinance
  • Oversight of the Elevator Inspection Program

Planning and Zoning Division

The Planning and Zoning Division is tasked with administering all zoning ordinances, in addition to: 

  • Reviewing all proposals and applications for code compliance
  • Processing applications for zoning relief (i.e. Variances and Special Uses) 
  • Processes applications to Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and Plan Commission. 
  • Providing zoning information to maintain compliance of all properties within City of Henderson
  • Sustaining the architectural vitality of neighborhoods by aiding in the restoration, rehabilitation and conservation of historic buildings and preservation districts through the administration of the City Preservation Ordinance.