Solid Waste and Recycle FAQs

Common Questions

Q: What do I do with the green polycart (trash can)?

A: Waste Connections (green carts) will continue to provide trash service until 1/1/2021. After that date, Waste Connections (green carts) will pick up all their polycarts (trash cans). Starting January 1, Republic Service (blue carts with black lids) will start trash and recycle service. 

Q: Why do I have a new cart (trash can)? Why don’t I have the same number of carts I used to?

A: Republic Services is delivering blue carts with black lids (trash) now, as well as blue carts with light blue lids (recycle) if you have requested recycle (at no additional charge). They are delivering however many trash carts you are currently being billed for; if you get missed or need additional carts, please contact them at (903) 986-5324 to request another, or you can contact Utility Billing (Water Office) at (903) 392-0645. Additional carts are available for $3 per cart.

 Q: How can I get a recycle cart (blue cart with light blue lid)?

A: Recycle carts (blue cart with light blue lid) can be requested by contacting Republic Services at (903) 986-5324, or you can contact Utility Billing (Water Office) at (903) 392-0645.  

Q: Is my new cart (blue cart with black lid) the same size as my old cart (green cart)? 

A: Carts (blue cart with black lid) being delivered by Republic Services may look slightly different but they are the same size at 95 gallons and hold the same amount of trash that the old carts (green carts) did. 

Q: How do I find out the trash service schedule?

Click here for the service schedule beginning 1/1/2021 for both solid waste (trash) and recycle.

Q: We have water service with the City of Henderson but are outside city limits; can we add garbage service?

Yes! You will need to contact Republic Services directly at (903) 986-5324 to request that service. 

Other questions? Give us a call at (903) 392-0645 or email us!