Main Street Project

Henderson Main Street

The Texas Main Street Program, a branch of the state Historical Commission, provides assistance and resources to more than 147 communities to improve downtown economics.

The Henderson Main Street Program was initiated in 1987 and was accepted by the Texas Historic Commissions an official project for the State of Texas in 1988. Total reinvestment figures from 1998-2009 are $8,865,076 were reinvested by private sector in downtown improvements.

The Henderson Main Street Program’s Mission is to implement the Texas Main Street project guidelines, revitalize the downtown business district into a regional marketplace, increase capital investment downtown, attract new business, improve the business mix, restore to downtown its earlier social significance and create an attractive historic environment that will attract tourist and preserve the historic buildings on the square.

The Henderson Main Street Program’s Vision is to have the downtown area become a historic environment that not only serves as a regional marketplace, but also meets the needs of both local residents and tourist.

The Main Street Approach

The Main Street Approach relies on four crucial management techniques: Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic restructuring. The four-point methodology works to create a total image for a community’s downtown, while building on existing resources.
  • Organization - Community leaders representing both private and public sector interests work effectively as a whole and are key elements to the program’s success.
  • Promotion – The aim is to create a positive image to rekindle community pride in downtown. Seek to improve retail sales events and festivals. Seek to create a positive public image of the downtown in order to attract investors, developers, and new businesses.
  • Design – Takes advantage of the visual opportunities inherent in downtown by directing attention to all physical elements. Aim is to stress importance of quality design of public/private buildings, storefronts, signs in public spaces, landscaping, merchandising, displays and promotional materials. Intended to expedite improvements in the downtown area.
  • Economic Restructuring – Strengthens downtown’s existing economic assets while diversifying its economic base. Retaining and expanding existing business to provide a balanced commercial. Converting unused or underutilized space to productive property. Sharpening the competitiveness and merchandising skills of downtown business owners.



in the Historic District from 1988-2005

  • Built Heritage Square Park
  • Billboard on U.S. 259 S.
  • Meadows Foundation grant for 40 period lamppost
  • Designated National Register Historic District
  • Thirty-seven buildings listed on National Register of Historic Places
  • Sprinkler system for Heritage Square
  • Shrubbery for Heritage Square
  • Christmas lighting on downtown buildings
  • Trash receptacles
  • Lamppost banners
  • Texas Highway Magazine
  • Dallas Morning News
  • Texas Downtown Association Award for the “Library Best Public / Private Venture 1990”
  • AIA Northeast Texas Award for Advancement of Architectural Profession
  • 2002-2005 National Main Street City of Henderson
  • Total reinvestment in downtown is over $8,865,076


Judy Lewis/Main Street Coordinator
(903) 657-6551 Ext. 268