Criminal Investigations Division

Henderson Police Department

Criminal Investigation Division

The Henderson Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) consists of one supervisor and five non-uniformed investigators. Captain James Dukes is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations within the C.I.D., while also acting as the Crime Scene Technician processing most crime scenes and handling most white collar crimes such as forgery and frauds. Each investigator is experienced in a variety of criminal offenses and are subject to be assigned to various types of cases but most specialize in certain fields. Lt. James Dukes is the family violence and sexual assault investigator within the C.I.D. while Detective Chad Bradley works closely with the Henderson Independent School District and other aspects of juvenile law. Detective Jarrod Finley, Detective Eric Sullivan, Detective Dan Neal, and Detective David Miley handle general crimes such as property thefts, burglaries and crimes against people. The Henderson Police Departments Criminal Investigation Division has an approximate total of 140 years of law enforcement experience with three Master Peace Officer Licenses. These investigators utilize their experience and the tools provided to them by the Henderson Police Department such and the Automated Fingerprint Identification System also known as AFIX which is operated statewide and utilized by several local law enforcement agencies in our area such as the Panola County Sheriffs Office, Rusk County Sheriffs Office and the Kilgore Police Department. AFIX automates the processing of arrest and fingerprint cards received during crime scene investigations, providing the Henderson Police Department and local criminal justice agencies with a significant crime-fighting tool. The Henderson Police Department C.I.D. also has use of their own Crime Scene Unit which is used to process the areas designated as a crime scene on major crimes.

Please contact the Henderson Police Department Criminal Investigation Division if you have any information that will help solve a crime that has occurred inside the City of Henderson.