Henderson Economic Development Corporation

About the Corporation

Henderson Economic Development Corporation (HEDCO) is a non-profit corporation, managed by a five member Board of Directors whose members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Henderson City Council. The corporation was created under Section 4A of the Development Corporation Act of 1979 and governed by Article 5190.6, Revised Civil Statutes of the State of Texas, as now existing or as may be amended.


HEDCO’s primary mission is to maintain and expand the tax base of the City of Henderson, to retain and create new value-added full-time jobs for the citizens of Henderson and to be instrumental in making Henderson a progressive community.


The strategic goals of HEDCO are:
  • To encourage support and financially assist in the retention and expansion of existing Henderson businesses and industries
  • To attract the location of new manufacturing companies and industries to Henderson with available sites and buildings, financial incentives, available and technically skilled workforce, and other support services
  • To encourage, support, and financially assist in the development and diversification of small businesses in Henderson
  • To assist with activities which contribute to the overall quality of life in Henderson